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Overview of Contact & Calendar Synchronization Tools

Google offers to manage e-mail and contacts to the cloud, however, either due the "newness" of the concept or due to lack of needed functionality, users express the need to synchronize contacts to outlook and (open source Thunderbird). 

The below tools have been tested: 

 Tool PriceRatingOutlook Thunder- bird Calendar sync Contacts syncComment 
Zindus Free  Y single?  
per year 
 Y multiple? multiple  
one time 
9.0  Y multiple multiple    Best fit for synchronizing multiple calendars / contact lists
per year 
9.0  Y multiple multiple  
GO contact sync Free 5.0  single  single Synchronizes only one account. Can not chose outlook contact book or calendar to be used  
Google Calendar Sync Free 5.0  single  Synchronizes only calendar belonging to account. Cannot select outlook calendar
Google apps sync Requires EDU or Premium google account  ? 

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