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Google Docs

Google Docs

Since the original time of posting of this article, Google Docs has undergone many changes. Small edits didn't do the trick any more, so I'm re-writing this now... 

First and utmost - Google Docs is a great tool for collaborating on one document. The recent addition of comments makes it an invaluable tool for us. We're slowly coming to realize that we don't need Microsoft Office (tm) or Open Office for most documents that we create.

What we like:

  1. Documents and files are easily accessible online any time.
  2. Sharing with individual Google users is easy.
  3. Online collaboration is easy. Changes can be made and seen by 2 collaborators working on the same document at the same time.
  4. Possibility to edit the document online.
  5. Good revision history visualization for spreadsheets.
  6. Comment - > Edit -> Resolve comment in documents.
  7. "Snappyness". Everything works fast. Very fast.

What could be better: 

  1. Sharing & rights is defined on a per user basis, thus will be cumbersome when dealing with changing team members and distributed teams.
  2. Decentralized permissions management in standard edition.
  3. Google spreadsheet data validation rules allow only one rule per cell.
  4. Google spreadsheet has no filtering function in spreadsheet view.

What we're trying to understand / get used to:

1. Folder structure is individual per user. Feels very "unnatural" when everyone can have one file  in a different folder. 
2. How well google docs would work in a larger environment with hundreds of users.

Additional tools:
       OffiSync - Plugin.  Create, open, save google docs from MS Office.

       Gladinet -Creates a virtual hard drive mapped to most popular cloud storages including Google docs. No support for Google sites.

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