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is is great, but...

Gmail is a great.

Use it with an approach like GTD - and you'll  be the champion of e-mail. 
The productivity gains of simply using the keyboard shortcuts is huge. 
The possibility to place multiple tags and treat those tags as folder is empowering. 
So why do some outlook users complain when they get e-mail from gmail users?

Common complaints are:
  • not getting full headers in the reply (the From, To, CC, Sent. Subject).
    this gives an idea of the history of the conversation, who it was sent to, who was on CC,  etc.

  • the ">>" comments in the e-mail 
    unusable in a corporate environment where many people get CC'd and many iterations to close the thread.

The Solution?

The "gmail-like-outlook" Chrome extension will remove those ">>" comments that gmail creates and will place a "proper" header to the e-mail (see below). 

Bookmark this page to return for updates and fixes. 

Problems with the extension? 
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Difference at a glance:

Gmail original

On Fri, Nov 5, 2010 at 11:53 PM, Adam Smith<> wrote:


From: Adam Smith
Sent: Friday 5 November 2010 23:53
To:  Cutie MacPretty
Subject: Q2 Sales Projections

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