About this site
A project manager's practical and subjective exploration / study of project management and team collaboration tools. The work is centered around utilizing Google apps in combination with other SAAS tools as a project workspace / collaboration environment. 

Tools used are intended to be price-wise scalable to suit a small organization (accent on free tooling) which will grow to be a large organization (premium subscriptions).

Office 2.0, Web 2.0, Project Management 2.0, Social project management, etc. SAAS product providers are welcome to comment on how their tools would fit in to this environment.

Maintenance of servers for collaboration is overhead which many claim is unnecessary with appearance of ("free start") tools like Google apps. We are investigating if and how the number of internal services can be minimized by utilizing the Google apps environment and other tools.

The goal of the project is to create an example workspace (this site) and usage recommendations for collaboration with the chosen tools.


We would be delighted to hear your feedback. It is very welcome.